Saturday, July 19, 2014

Craigslist RSS feed

I learned something new today from the Pocket Your Dollars web site, googling "craigslist notifications." In my house renovations, last week in my dining room I finally ripped out the cheap, 40-yr old cabinets that had been installed and somebody came to take them away today (courtesy of a frustrating week getting no-shows from my craigslist ad). The family who moved here in the 70s relocated the kitchen into the original dining room, since it's a larger space, and installed these cabinets. I'm making it back into a dining room, as was in the original house design. In the space where the cabinets were, I'm going to put a buffet, which I am hoping to find from Craigslist--specifically, a nice Victorian-style buffet. Of course the ones currently listed are all in the $400 range, and my budget is about $50. Thanks to the aforementioned Google search, I discovered that you can tell Craigslist to send you an RSS feed. What is an RSS feed--I don't know either, I just followed the instructions to connect the Craigslist RSS feed to my Microsoft Outlook, and sure enough, a new section appeared in my Outlook, so everytime somebody posts here in Indy for a cheap buffet, it automatically notifies me!!! I'm very excited.

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