Friday, November 20, 2015

Two Problems Solved with One Fix--Disabling HTML5 in Chromium

Ever since I "downgraded" from the wretchedness which was Windows 8 back to Windows 7 (Dell Inspiron did not allow me the choice to get my new laptop with Windows 7, so 8 was foisted onto me), one of the problems I have faced with Chromium (the open-source version of Chrome) is that about 80% of any videos I try to watch have an awful screeching static sound rather than the actual audio from the video. I've searched for 2 years to find a solution, with no success. Another annoyance is that when I go full-screen in videos there is a pop-up idiot warning that I have gone full-screen, and it won't go away unless I click on "approve." Having briefly worked in internet security, I never click pop-ups anywhere, anytime, for any reason--if I can't 'escape' out of a pop-up, or use AdBlock or NotScripts to get rid of it, I go to task manager and shut down the entire browser. I NEVER click pop-ups, and neither should you.

Anyway, today I found a way to get rid of the "you are in full screen" popup: disable the HTML 5 dll file, "ffmpegsumo.dll" by renaming it to something else. In my case, whenever I want to rename a file to disable the computer from accessing it, I put "RENAME" at the beginning of the name, so in this case, it became "RENAME-ffmpegsumo.dll" -- that way I can always find it easily if I need to undo this step.

The exciting news is that this also solved the problem of the awful, screeching, static noise!! Now I don't have to switch to firefox everytime I do searches for online videos!