Sunday, April 29, 2012

Women Make Less than Men for the Same Labor

This isn't a normal post, as such, it is just a quick graph. On Facebook, a friend linked to a Rachel Maddow interview on Meet the Press where asserts that women still make less than men for the same job. The opposite guest claimed that women only make less than men because they work fewer hours, and they choose the types of jobs that pay less. However, he is incorrect. The Current Population Survey publishes data about men and women's pay, separating by industry, and *hourly rate*. Here is a chart I use in my Intro Soc class based on 2010 CPS data. It's hard to read unless you click to enlarge it, because all industries about which data is collected are listed. As you can see, in every industry without exception, men make more per hour than women.

Monday, April 23, 2012

New raised bed for an herb garden

Last month the rabbits shredded the tomatoes I have in my semi-raised garden beds in my back yard (they are only up about 3 inches, you can kind of see the two of them in the back). A friend made a "real" raised bed and it inspired me. Instead of working today I stayed home and made an actual raised bed out of reclaimed wood from a rotten exterior wall that I had to take down and replace. This way it's part of my garden instead of being taken to the dump. Lowes had a great sale on herbs last week so I bought a bunch and hopefully this way the rabbits won't think I've made them a nice buffet.