Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tea Party Map, 2013

Several sources have generated a "Tea Party Map" based on various metrics. For example, the New Yorker generated a map called the "GOP Suicide Caucus" based on who signed the letter by Congressman Mark Meadows back in August, stating that the GOP should shut down the government before allowing the Affordable Care Act to be funded.

More recently, the LA Times has generated a map of the 144 Congress people who voted to keep the government shutdown going--i.e., who refused to vote "Yes" on the clean continuing resolution sent down by the Senate that eventually passed Boehner's House.

I generated my own map based on these two same data sources, but included a third, members of the House Tea Party Caucaus as of 2013 (from Wikipedia, don't tell my students). This allowed me to create a rating of each of the House members from 0-3, 0 meaning they have no documented affiliation with the Tea Party by any of these three metrics, and 3, meaning that each of these 3 sources show an affiliation. So for that these metrics are worth, below is my map. Over the next few days I will be updating some demographic information for these districts and generating correlations--updated from a similar post I wrote on the topic from Aug 2011.

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