Saturday, October 26, 2013

Occupy + Tea Party map

As I continue to play around with the Occupy and Tea Party mapping, here is my first map that joins both movements into one map. The borders are federal congressional House districts as of 2013, and the colors represent how "Tea Party" the candidates are, based on 3 measures: their activism in opposing the Affordable Care Act, their willingness to shut down the government to oppose the ACA, and the representative's FreedomWorks rating (a Tea Party donor group). The redder the district, the more Tea Party candidate activism, while the bluer the district the less the Tea Party candidate activism. The Occupy Protests are marked by dots for each city where there was a registered protest, based on 3 different reporting sites. The size and color of the dot represents the size of the protest. Unlike the previous maps, where I had mapped the OWS protests into congressional districts, I have now used data to map each individual city. Unlike the Occupy groups, which centralized reporting for protests, Tea Party did no such centralized reporting, plus they had large financial donors supporting busing campaigns to centralized locations. This means that Tea Party "protests" may not be tend to be localized to a city the way that Occupy was, and since the Tea Party's goals were specifically legislative, while OWS goals were cultural, it makes sense to map Tea Party to legislative districts, while keeping Occupy localized.

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