Friday, November 2, 2012

US Party vs Economics Stats

A quick data post. The following charts have a lot of information in them (they are identical, except the top has been Hodrick-Prescott smoothed; the 2nd is the raw data graph)--3 economic plots, and the background colors represent party majorities. Dark red means Republicans in the presidency, house and senate. Dark blue means Democrats in the presidency, house and senate. Light red mean Republicans held 2 of the 3, light blue means Democrats held 2 of the 3. GDP Growth is '% change from previous quarter' (each quarter plotted as 3 months with the same number), Employment Growth is '% change from the previous month' and Unemployment is total unemployment rate. I only took the data back to 1990. The period from 2001-2002 when there was a tie in the senate, I count that as a Republican hold, since the Republican VP could break a tie. The period where Independents tend to caucas with Democrats, giving them the majority, I count as a Democrat hold.

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