Friday, July 1, 2011

Frantic Canvass

Several days after what I assumed was my final canvass, I called to confirm that I had plenty of signatures. The previous week I was confirmed at 148, so over the weekend I went out by myself in a neighborhood adjacent to mine, and collected almost 30, and was expecting around 15 from a woman who had volunteered to canvass in Broad Ripple. Combined, even if the city continued to kick out signatures at a rate of 40%, that would still put me over my minimum signatures. Signatures had to be turned in at 12:00PM on Thursday, so when I called at 10AM, I was told I still only had 148, and 20 of those were still "pending" (voters I registered, whose identities still needed confirmed)!!! The first few workers I talked to did not have a record of the 30 I turned in on Monday, nor the other volunteer, whom I had been unable to reach for over a week. I was advised to run out and get as many signatures I could in the hour that remained and get them in the office by the deadline. I was able to get 4.

Fortunately, the other signature sheets were found, and by 1PM I was told I was over my minimum signatures, as long as the voter registration "pendings" were confirmed. I won't know for certain if I'm officially on the ballot for perhaps 2 weeks, when I'll received a letter telling me that I had the minimum signatures to be certified as a candidate.

Now I have to find a "committee" and a "treasurer." I put these positions in quotes, since I have no idea what they are or where I might begin to find them. All these forms and deadlines... I have never been good at administrative tedium, being far better at research and analysis. For example, I recently completed an economy simulator for my students, that incorporates OECD data for the last 20 years, comparing government policy (taxes, spending, etc) on various outcome measures, like health, violence, and economic growth.
Economic Policy Simulator

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