Friday, September 12, 2014

Al Jazeera News Loading Problems

For quite awhile (at least a year or two) I've had network problems accessing Al Jazeera news--I don't know if it's a bad interaction with my server, if it's their server, if it's my computer/browser, the CIA, etc--but whenever I try to click on a link for Al Jazeera news, I get a blank screen for about 30 seconds until it finally loads, which means, for all practical purposes, I stopped using Al Jazeera once this started happening. Historically, for my Africa class, I liked to get Al Jazeera articles about Africa news to have the students discuss, to represent a non-US perspective the students likely aren't exposed to. Today I wanted to see what they had been saying about ISIS, and had the same problem. I noticed in the bottom left corner of Chrome that "waiting for" appeared while the screen was blank for the 30 seconds wait. The website wasn't very informative--I have no idea why Al Jazeera is calling on maxmind, or why it isn't allowing the Al Jazeera news to load into my browser. Regardless, I used adblock to completely block anything from maxmind, and Voila!! Al Jazeera now loads immediately.

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