Saturday, January 4, 2014

Screenshot to Clipboard--Ubuntu, KDE

This is simply a reminder to myself (although some others may find it useful as well). When I hit the "PrntScr" button, I expect for a screenshot to go to my clipboard--that's what Windows always did. Then I could paste it into my application of choice (Word, Paint Shop Pro, PowerPoint, etc). However, when I ditched Windows and switched to Linux/Ubuntu (12.04), it wasn't quite so simple. At first, CTRL-PrntScr did the trick, but that was when MetaCity/Unity was my desktop. That desktop seemed to be too unstable and frustrating, so I switched to KDE. They have a powerful native screen capture program, ksnapshot, that allows you to do a whole bunch of things. And while powerful can be nice, all I wanted was a simple one-click "send my screen to the clipboard"--instead, I had to navigate multiple dropdown menus and click various choices to get this to happen. I then spent 2 hours Googling for other options. After ksnapshot I tried xwd, scrot, shutter, gnome-screenshot, imagemagick, kgrab, and Xfce4-screenshooter. Ultimately, the closest I could come to what I wanted was to program the PrntScr using:

xfce4-screenshooter -fo gimp

This sends the fullscreen screenshot to Gimp so I can edit it, which is typically (although not always) what I want to do with my screenshot.

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