Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Senators Who Voted Against Gun Background Checks Face Public Blowback

The recent senate vote that killed common sense background checks for gun purchases has had major consequences for those voting against the bill. Those senators have seen approval ratings collapse--not only in the change from current approval to disapproval ratings, but the change is especially marked when comparing their prior approval ratings. Below are three tables that represent recent polling. The rows highlighted in green represent current polling, while the row below that represents the prior most recent polling (if available), and the number in the far right-hand column represents the change from previous polling to current.

StateVoted against background
checks for guns
ApprovalDisapprovalDifferenceChange since
prior poll
AZFlake3251- 19
AKMurkowski4641+5- 16
Prior rating5433+21
AKBegich4137+4- 6
Prior rating4939+10
OHPortman2634- 8-18
Prior rating3525+10
NVHeller4441+3- 2
Prior rating4742+5
NHAyotte4446- 2-15
Prior rating4835+13

On the other had, senator Toomey helped create the background checks bill. Senator McCain supported the bill, and is from the same state as senator Flake above. The most recent PPP question specifically asks about trust ratings comparing McCain to Flake.

StateVoted FOR background
checks for guns
ApprovalDisapprovalDifferenceChange since
prior poll
PAToomey4830+18 +7
Prior rating4332+11

Even a Fox News poll indicates collapsing support for those senators who voted against background checks for gun purchases: "Likely to support a politician who voted AGAINST expanding background checks"

More LikelyLess Likely

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