Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Scientists vs. Creationism

I often find myself spending hours googling the same information, so I thought I'd post it here so I can save time in the future. Scientists do not support creationism. The following are polls of scientists on the issue. It doesn't matter that half of the U.S. "public" supports it, especially when we rank near the bottom of scientific and math literacy of all the industrialized countries (all of which have publics that reject young earth creationism, by the way).

Texas, 2008, "1,019 biologists and biological anthropologists on the faculty of all 35 public and the 15 largest private colleges and universities in Texas" (97.7%)

Gallup, 1997, "Scientists," 1997 (95%-evolution)

Pew, 2009, "Scientists," (97%) "humans have evolved over time"

NSTA, 2007, "HS Biology Teachers" (16%-short earth creationism)

Supreme Court, 1986, "Amicus Curiae Brief Of 72 Nobel Laureates, 17 State Academies Of Science"

American Scientific Affiliation, 2010, Scientists by speciality
100% of geologists and astronomers agree to old earth theory
88% of biologists affirmed evolution (7% did not answer the question, so only 5% affirmed short-earth creationism)

Univ Cincinnati, 2002, "Ohio PhDs in natural or physical science", 90% "no scientific evidence at all for the idea of "intelligent design".

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