Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 2 of Canvassing

The second day of canvassing went as well as the first. Not as many vacant houses, but still a lot of unemployment, so there were a lot of people home during the day. Like yesterday, people were eager to talk about issues and expressed dissatisfaction with both parties. Running as an Independent seems to be working to my benefit so far, although we've been targeting districts that will tend to be supportive of Independents. I also canvassed my own neighborhood, and am getting almost unanimous support. Interestingly, the residents in my neighborhood don't know I live near them, yet they aren't asking any of my political views. In the poorer areas, they seem more engaged.

I filed my paperwork for candidacy today and things went smoothly. The man who is acting as my campaign manager worked on Nader's campaign and has horror stories. The election board and voter registration were obstructionist. The citizens they were asking to sign petitions wouldn't sign. I don't know whether it's the district, a change in times, or something else, but since I don't take rejection well, so far it's been a great experience.

We're more than halfway through and it's just the 2nd day--I've got 100 signatures so if we double that, it's far more than I need. But now I'm exhausted from walking all day, talking to strangers, and shaking hands, and I haven't even walked the dogs yet.

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